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IncVid: Video Interview Platform
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Best Virtual Interviews with no impersonation
IncVid: Video Interview Platform

Our Video Interview Platform IncVid, with inbuilt ATS, is the ultimate solution for businesses looking to conduct technical and non-technical interviews with candidates. Not only does it facilitate live interview interactions, but it also includes a live code compiler and real-time feedback system to assess a candidate's coding skills. Our platform is well-structured and robust, with video interview capabilities offering a range of features to ensure a smooth and seamless interview experience.

demo bgHigh-quality video and audio
demo bgCollaboration tools
demo bgLive code compiler
demo bgCustomizable branding
demo bgReal-time feedback
demo bgInbuilt ATS
demo bgCalendar integration
demo bgRecord & review Interviews

Why choose our Video Interview Platform?

Why to choose video Interview Platform!
FeaturesNormal Applicant
Tracking System
Candidate Trackingyes or noyes or no
Schedulingyes or noyes or no
Calendar Inviteyes or noyes or no
Auto JD to CV Matchyes or noyes or no
Job Boards Postingyes or noyes or no
Real Time Feedbackyes or noyes or no
AI Powered JDyes or noyes or no
Video Interview Platformyes or noyes or no
Live Code Collaborationyes or noyes or no
Interview Slot Mapping With Panelyes or noyes or no
Panel Managementyes or noyes or no
White-Labeled Feedback Reportyes or noyes or no
Experience quality hiring with our Video Interview Software!
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incvid experience
Why choose InCruiter’s Video Interview Platform?
JD to CV Match

JD to CV Match

Save time and workload by just uploading the job description and resume, allowing our AI-powered tool to quickly analyze and identify the best-suited candidates for you.
Write My JD

Write My JD

Easily create job descriptions with our AI tool. Simply input the job title and years of experience, and our platform will swiftly generate a customized JD for you.
Screening Question

Screening Question

Revolutionize your screening process with our AI tool that uses Chat GPT to generate personalized screening questions using job description in no time.
Efficient Screening

Efficient Screening

Our video interview platform includes a live code compiler and system design testing, along with various other tools that help precisely screen candidates.
Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics

Our analytics dashboard tracks candidate statuses, such as Rejected, Shortlisted, On-Hold, etc., and gives scores on skills, including soft skills, leadership, and analytics assessments.
Map Candidate Slots

Map Candidate Slots

Our calendar mapping feature simplifies interview scheduling by seamlessly matching the candidate's availability with the interviewer's schedule.

Our Platform Features

A competitive edge guaranteed
InCruiter AI-Powered JD Creation
AI Features
InCruiter’s inbuilt ATS
Inbuilt ATS
InCruiter Interview Scheduling Tool
Calendar Invite
InCruiter Live Coding Compiler Platform
Code Compiler

AI Features

The AI-powered “JD to CV” simplifies recruitment by analyzing job descriptions and resumes to identify ideal candidates. 'Write My JD' generates job descriptions instantly, while “Screening Questions” creates relevant interview questions.
InCruiter’s White Labeling
White Labeling
InCruiter’s auto-suggest system
Automated Interview Scheduling Software
Auto Reminder
Interview Record & Review Feature
Record & Review

White Labeling

White label our entire platform, including reports and videos, to produce a more unified brand image for the candidates while conducting interviews. Elevate the candidate experience and create a consistent brand image on our platform.
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Integration Support with ATS
We support an integration with various ATS platforms, streamlining the smooth flow of the data with InCruiter.
ATS PlatformATS PlatformATS PlatformATS PlatformATS PlatformATS PlatformATS PlatformATS Platform
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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We’re here to answer!

What is Video Interviewing Software?

Video Interviewing Software facilitates remote interviews with the candidates. It includes features like high-quality video/audio interviews, a live code compiler, real-time feedback, built-in ATS, interview transcript, calendar integration, interview recording, and proctoring.

Which platform is best for Video Interviews?

InCruiter’s Video Interview Software is the best platform for conducting tech and non-tech video interviews. With its comprehensive features, including a built-in ATS, code compiler, interview transcript, proctoring, and white labeling capabilities, it offers a seamless and efficient interview experience.

How does live Video Interview Software work?

Video Interview Software allows interviewers to conduct video interviews seamlessly. The software ensures smooth communication and collaboration between the interviewers and the candidates. It also provides additional features like interview recording, live code compiler, calendar integration, interview transcript, proctoring, and a white-labeled platform.

What are the different types of Video Interview Software?

There are two types of Video Interview Software: one-way and two-way.
In one-way Video Interview Software, candidates respond to pre-recorded questions at their convenience, which are evaluated through an AI Bot. In contrast, in two-way video interview software, interviewers can evaluate candidates in real-time.

What are the benefits of using Video Interview Software?

Video Interview Software offers several benefits, including increased efficiency, expanded reach to remote candidates, improved candidate experience, cost and time savings, and enhanced collaboration among hiring teams.
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Wondering if we can actually live up to it?

Well, worry no more,because we can and we have done so many times in the past! Book a Demo today.
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How Interview as a Service transformed hiring for India's leading staffing firm!
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