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Human Resources are core to the success of an Organization,

Hire Carefully!

At Incruiter, we understand how critical talent is to every company, as well as how the workplace and the world of work are changing. We offer the most effective means of recruiting solutions to help you in acquiring, managing and optimizing the right talent on-demand.

We are counted among the largest yet fastest-growing staffing companies in Bangalore that all achieved organically.

As a certified online recruitment agency, we embrace diversity as a core component and follow a unique approach of crowdsourcing to offer the best talent to our clients. We are a high-value partner of choice for many of the most reputed brands all over India, as they leverage our deep domain experience, industry networks, market knowledge, and talent expertise.

We are a fully-automated recruitment company in Bangalore offering talent acquisition solutions to various industries including financial services, healthcare, IT industry, Retail, Telecom, Manufacturing, Engineering, and Technology.

One of the top IT recruiting firms in Bangalore working as your strategic talent partner and our team of expert yet specialized recruiting professionals acts as a catalyst for enhanced operational efficiency and increased productivity.

Avail our IT staffing services to meet the IT challenges of your organization and tends to hire a highly talented team of skilled employees that can seamlessly capable enough to take your business to the next level of success.

The flexibility provided by our staffing agency gives businesses a competitive edge to match human resources in accordance with the requirement of a position. Moreover, we as the top employment agencies in Bangalore, make sure to conduct a detailed process to find a qualified candidate in a well-organized way.

Our unique recruiting strategies make us to keep the focus on qualified and deserving candidates while ignoring the unqualified candidates. Be it a contract-based hire or permanent hiring we include it all. Unlike many IT recruitment agencies in Bangalore, our process involves extensive planning that is being carried by a team of staffing experts.

It continues further by analyzing your organizational requirements, sourcing, selection and performance monitoring among other IT recruitment companies. Our detailed approach to recruitment leverages clients in acquiring the perfect candidates for specific job roles.



Organize your vacancies and job applications

Set up your job applications and promote them easily by keeping track of submitted profiles. You can follow every applicant by building a database of skills and talent with indexed documents.

Track Profiles

Once you sign up with our recruitment company in Bangalore, a new email address will be automatically created and assigned to every job offer to route applications to the right recruiters.

While applicants can contact you by email or using online forms and get all the data automatically indexed and just a click or personalized emails.


Based on the results of phases the next step is to select the candidates, this could be total as per your wish, you can select or reject any profile if you think that they are not suitable for your vacant position.


The next step is to conduct interviews online and know their ability to tackle various organizational challenges. We are also offering interviewing jobs for freelance interviewers who can use their expertise and take interviews.

Employers can hire staffing agency’s freelance interviewers on an hourly basis if you want to reduce your workload and we do take the experienced professionals for the screening process.


Outdated Methods

  • Offline Communication
  • Delayed Collaboration
  • Time-taking Manual Processes


The Incruiter Way

  • Online Communication
  • Real-time Collaboration
  • Automated Workflows


  • We understand your Hardships in Recruiting
  • We have Track on Latest happenings in the Recruitment Industry
  • Boasts Culturally Suitable & Highly Skilled Candidates
  • Trusted Measurable Results
  • Expedited Hiring Process



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