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Interview as a Service

Speedup hiring by 1.5x

InCruiter provides a specialised Video Interview as a service platform. We are a team of expert interviewers’ to identify the perfect fit for your company through precision and accurate evaluation. We provide a dedicated platform of freelance expert interviewers to scrutinize hiring needs and ensure that the candidate is being judged correctly by the best industry experts to meet job requisite. Our expert interviews candidates taking into account primarily defined job specification and targeting them for needs of the organization. Our aim is to let organizations focus in their core business activities while we look after their hiring requirements.
- Expert Interview Panelist
- Time and Cost Saving
- Faster Hiring

Interview as a Service

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Why Us?

Identify The Best From The Rest!

Identify The Best From The Rest!

Accelerate hiring by outsourcing technical and non-technical interview services by identifying the right talent to catalyze the business growth.

Proven Results. Distinguished Solutions.

Proven Results. Distinguished Solutions.

With InCruiter’s SimpliExcel interview process designed for simplicity and excellence.

Letting the Numbers Talk

Letting the Numbers Talk

Hassle-Free IaaS Platform

Dedicated IaaS Platform

An IaaS platform like never before, one that effortlessly manages, interview postings, schedules, recruiters, candidate assessment reports, and HD interview recordings.


Well! Here’s An insider’s view!

Practical & Theoretical Probing

With a panel of industry experts best equipped to assess candidates, most familiar with the exact areas worth probing using live coding compilers during meet.

Internal Discussion & Candidate Delivery

After a comprehensive internal assessment of candidates, and filtering out the best from the rest - we deliver them straight to our clients’ inboxes!

The three I’s that best describe the features of InCruiter’s benchmark platform known for reliably interviewing candidates who are intuitive in nature, impeccable in their craft, and incredible in their performance!

Platform Features

Live Coding Compiler

Sure, we can probe theoretical competence, but can we test practical ability real-time? Well, now we can!

Google Invite

A one-stop tool integrated with Google calendar, to schedule interviews straight from the platform’s dashboard itself.

White-labelled Feedback

Feedback reports generated with client logo and branding to help produce a more unified brand image.


A quality of life upgrade, with a built-in system that automatically suggests job positions & skills.

Real-Time Feedback System

Interviewers are empowered to rate candidates according to each of their mandatory and optional skillsets.

Interview Recordings

Shareable interview recordings are made available for reference over a span of 45 days after the interview.

Proxy Check

Proxy Check

InCruiter provides an inbuilt Proxy Check tool to analyze the Candidate's Identity using Facematch before entering interview room.

Interactive System Design Test

Interactive System Design Test

A highly interactive Whiteboard to test the system design capabilities of candidate during the live interview.

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Wondering if we can actually live up to it? Well, worry no more, because we can and we have done so many times in the past!

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