How Interview as a Service transformed hiring for India's leading staffing firm!

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IncSource: Hire Pre-Vetted Resources
Why IncSource?

Faster solution of on-demand workforce

IncSource: Hire Pre-Vetted Resources

At InCruiter, we understand the importance of having a strong and dedicated team to bring your business to the next level. That's why we're dedicated to providing you with pre-vetted, highly skilled, and trained developers who have cleared our mock interviews .
We know there's no one-size-fits-all approach to finding the right people for your business. We offer a tailored solution designed specifically for your needs. Our highly skilled and experienced pre-vetted developers ensure you achieve the business goals

India’s biggest pre-vetted resources solution
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Why choose our PreVetted Resources?
Pre-Vetted Resources Pool

Pre-Vetted Resources Pool

IncSource enables an organization to access the pre-vetted resources that are trained professionals. It’s a ​​hot pick, ensuring positive change in the workplace scenario.
Quickest Hiring

Quickest Hiring

With respect to having a larger pre-vetted resource pool, we allow organizations to hire the staff swiftly. Candidates can also use our online mock interviews to be readily prepared. This ensures quality hiring.
Pay-Out On An Hourly Basis

Pay-Out On An Hourly Basis

IncSource is an economical hot-top pick for hiring capable & proficient resources at affordable rates. This allows you to pay the employees on an hourly basis, saving ample money and time to hire.
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InCruiter offers seamless screening and interview solutions, tailored to your needs, with a variety of assessment options. Our products are designed to exceed your expectations.


Interview as a Service
A fully automated platform with 3000+ expert interviewers that manages job postings, candidate assessment reports and interview recordings.
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AI Interview Software
By leveraging AI, our one way video interview platform reduces human intervention in the interview process and speeds up the hiring by 4X.
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Video Interview Platform
InCruiter's interview intelligence platform enables your team to conduct interviews in an organized, structured, and centralized manner.
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Interview Scheduling Software
An interview scheduling tool with access to candidate assessment reports & feedback while conducting the video interviews on any platform.
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Exit Interview Services
An automated exit interview platform with a pool of expert psychological and behavioural interviewers to conduct the exit interviews.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We’re here to answer!

Why hire from Pre-vetted Resources?

Hiring Pre-vetted Resources not only saves time but also ensures that candidates have already undergone thorough screening for suitability, minimizing the risk of hiring mismatches. By tapping into pre-vetted resources, companies can swiftly onboard quality candidates, optimizing efficiency in their recruitment process.

What are IT Contract Staffing Services?

Contract Staffing Services refer to hiring workers on a temporary or project basis through an agency or staffing firm. The agency employs the workers on a fixed contract basis, providing flexibility for businesses to meet their staffing needs.

Why do companies need IT Contract Staffing Services?

Companies need IT Contract Staffing Services to fill positions faster or for a short period of time. This also refers to need-specific requirements and helps reduce administrative burdens associated with traditional hiring. By using IT contract staffing services, companies can hire trained professionals according to their requirements.

For which industries does InCruiter offer IT Contract Staffing Services?

InCruiter specializes in IT Contract Staffing Services for a diverse range of industries. With expertise in over 100+ technologies, they excel at sourcing and placing qualified candidates for technical roles on short—and long-term projects.

What are the benefits an IT Contract Staffing Agency provides?

An IT Contract Staffing Agency provides flexibility in staffing, access to skilled talent, time and cost-effectiveness, reduced administrative burdens, and eliminates the risk of hiring someone unsuitable for the team.
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Wondering if we can actually live up to it?

Well, worry no more, because we can and we have done so
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Wondering if we can actually live up to it?

Well, worry no more,because we can and we have done so many times in the past! Book a Demo today.
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How Interview as a Service transformed hiring for India's leading staffing firm!
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