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Leverage AI-Powered One Way Video Interview Software To Improve Your Hiring Process By 4X.
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IncBot: AI Interview Software
Fast Track Your Hiring With AI Interview
IncVid: Video Interview Platform
InCruiter's AI interview software is a talent screening platform for efficient and faster hiring. It supports AI video interviews, offering a one-stop solution to all your interview-related challenges. From assessing candidates’ soft skills and technical skills till getting the detailed feedback reports, our one way video interview platform does it seamlessly.

Our AI interview tool reduces hiring time by 75% and lowers hiring costs by 80%. The AI interviewer, IncBot, conducts interviews efficiently without human intervention, and provides detailed feedback reports to facilitate informed HR decisions.
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Why Upgrade to an AI Interview Software?

AI Interview Software streamlines the interview process by saving time and effort, making it suitable for businesses of all sizes. IncBot provides a scalable interview solution that adapts to your organization's evolving needs, ensuring a seamless and effective interview process from start to finish.
InCruiter AI recruiting assistant

4X Faster Hiring

Speed up your hiring with InCruiter's AI Interview Software. Our platform enables you to conduct mass interviews simultaneously with the help of AI making the interview process 4X faster.
InCruiter one way video interview

100% Automated Platform

Our fully automated platform helps in creating JD, setup interview questions and helps in sending the invites using a single click. Let our platform conduct interviews with efficacy for meticulous screening with detailed feedback reports.
InCruiter AI interview Tool

80% Cost Reduction

With AI-powered video interview software, there's no need for a hiring panel. It enables mass interviews simultaneously; therefore, it saves time and resources and reduces cost per hire significantly for organizations.
InCBot AI interview platform

Minimum Candidate Dropout

Our on-demand interview platform ensures minimal candidate dropouts by eliminating timing mismatches. Candidates can take interviews 24/7/365 days at their convenience through a phone or a laptop. This flexibility leads to higher participation rates and more successful interviews.
InCruiter On Demand Interview

Flexible Interview Timings

IncBot revolutionizes the interview process by offering round-the-clock availability, enabling candidates to schedule interviews at their convenience. With flexible timings, candidates gain the freedom to choose optimal times for their assessments.
InCruiter AI interview platform

Unbiased Hiring

Our AI interview platform ensures unbiased evaluation solely driven by talent and eligibility. Eliminate all forms of bias and create a level playing field for candidates, redefining how you build a diverse and exceptional team.

Enhance Your Hiring Experience with InCruiter's AI Interview Tool

Faster Screening
AI  Interviews
White-Labeled Platform

Faster Screening

Swiftly assess your candidate pipeline using AI generated questions or custom questions tailored for specific positions. Our AI-powered candidate screening ensures that you find the perfect fit for your team, making your hiring process faster and more efficient than ever.
Cheat Proof Interview
Comprehensive Feedback
Private and Public Links

Cheat Proof Interview

Using our proctoring logs, you can now check for proxy interviews. Our one way video interview platform helps you segregate between genuine candidates and suspicious candidates by detecting tab switches, face movement, mobile phone detection and eye movement.
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How Our AI One Way Video Interview Software Works?

How Our video interviewing software works?How Our video interviewing software works?How Our video interviewing software works?How Our video interviewing software works?How Our video interviewing software works?

Frequently Asked Questions

InCruiter’s benchmark

What is a one way video interview or on demand interview?

 A one way video interview or on demand interview is a pre-recorded video interview where candidates answer preset questions at their own convenience, allowing for flexible screening and evaluation by recruiters.

How does AI interview software enhance hiring?

An AI interview software streamlines your recruitment journey by automating candidate screening, efficient interview scheduling, and giving detailed feedback reports using AI. It accelerates the hiring process, reduces manual tasks, and provides valuable insights, making candidate selection more precise and hassle-free.

How does a one way video interview platform work?

A one way video interview platform allows candidates to record their responses to the pre-set questions, which can later be evaluated by the interviewer or using an AI Bot.

Is an AI interview more expensive than other video interview methods?

While prices may vary, using an AI interview is more cost-effective than other video interview methods. This is because they reduce the cost of manual screening and evaluation of candidates.

What is an on demand interview?

An on demand interview is a pre-recorded video interview where candidates respond to preset questions at their convenience, allowing for flexible screening and evaluation by recruiters.

What is the difference between one way and two way interviews?

One way interviews involve candidates recording their responses to pre-set questions at their convenience. On the other hand, two way interviews are live, real-time conversations between candidates and interviewers through video interviews or phone calls.

What are the terms and conditions for a free trial?

There are certain conditions for a free trial: 25 interviews and 5 positions for 30 days free trial. If the user uses all the interview credits before 30 days, they will have to recharge. If they don't, then after 30 days, it will expire.

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InCruiter is all set to initiate to provide you seamless screening & hiring process of selecting suitable candidates with its multiple assessment solutions per your requirement. Our range of products is designed to meet your expectations.


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